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top & toe
signature treatment
(reflexology + indian head massage) 

Deeply soothing, stress relieving and rejuvenating. The top & toe treatment eases tension to balance your mind, body and soul. 

what happens during a treatment?


Relaxing onto a massage bed, we begin the first half of the session with an indian head massage. The massage focuses on the upper back, neck, shoulder areas and scalp and then facial pressure points are manipulated to relieve sinus pressure and stimulate circulation. Settled into a lying position, the second half of the treatment moves down to your feet for reflexology. ​Gentle pressure is applied by my thumbs and fingers to the whole of the feet. At the end of the session we can discuss any reflexes that I have found out of balance. 

For more details on the benefits of indian head massage click here. For more information about reflexology click here.

Suitable during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.


- 1 hr

- 1hr 30 (the ultimate pamper!)


organic, natural and ethical massage oils


I use a range of organic oils in my treatments, all thoughtfully selected for their nourishing properties. If you choose to use oils on your hair and scalp I tend to opt for traditional Ayuvedic oils (coconut oil and sweet almond oil). I have a range of blended oils for the skin to choose from, each with their own properties to promote relaxation, to energise or to ease aching muscles. If you have allergies or a skin condition, get in touch before booking an appointment so that I can make sure I have the perfect oil for you in stock.

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