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I place the comfort and wellbeing of every client at the heart of each treatment, with the approach that every person has individual needs. 


When I started out in Reflexology I volunteered as a regular practitioner for The Stress Project; a charity which assists adults experiencing stress related illnesses or mental health problems. Motivated by the positive feedback I received from clients, I sought to build my expertise and I attended training in Mindful Reflexology which focused on techniques to support adults suffering with depression, anxiety and stress. Sessions are based on treating the person, not the condition, with the feet guiding the practice. 


I have maternity training in reflexology to treat both new and expectant mothers, plus couples who are wanting to conceive. During pregnancy it is important to pay attention to your stress levels and reflexology can help to relax you and ease any physical discomforts. Reflexology is an excellent way to prepare your body for pregnancy, helping to create a calm and peaceful environment for conception.

I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my practice, attending workshops or finding inspiration day to day so that I can support others to rebalance, be well and create happy and healthy lifestyles for themselves. I'm currently training in Baby Massage and Reflexology, keep your eye out for classes soon!


I like to use balms, creams and oils which are naturally derived, ethically sourced, UK based and organic.

meet clare


-ITEC Level 3 - Diploma in Reflexology
-Mindful Reflexology with Sally Earlam
-Hot Stone Reflexology with David Godfrey
-Level 3 Award in Indian Head Massage
-Reflexology Techniques to Support Pregnancy at the Phoenix Training School

Member of the Association of Reflexologists 
Fully Insured by the Alan Boswell Group
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