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Fertility Reflexology

Whether you are just beginning your conception journey, or are experiencing fertility issues or pregnancy loss, Reflexology can support an individual or couple on their journey.

Fertility issues are very common, with around one in six couples experiencing problems when they're trying to conceive a baby. Reflexology induces relaxation helping to reduce tension and encourage a sense of wellbeing. I use reflexology to work on the body’s hormone or endocrine system (often the cause of problems conceiving) by focusing on the reflexes related to specific areas of imbalance. 

For women; regular treatments throughout your menstrual cycle are recommended. This promotes the right conditions to support and develop a healthy egg through to ovulation, aids implantation, and will help support a possible pregnancy. After an initial consultation, sessions are planned for particular times throughout your cycle; if you have an irregular cycle then at least six weekly sessions are recommended initially.


For men; you may or may not be aware that the whole process of sperm production is around 64 days and is very sensitive to changes in temperature, illness and hormones. Lifestyle/diet changes may improve sperm quality, so allow yourself a few months before you may see improvements. Regular treatments could reduce stress levels and improve your overall wellbeing.


- 1 hr

- 1hr 30

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