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Cute Baby Boy

Get together with a group of friends and experience some 'me-time' knowing your baby is being cared for.

As a new parent you'll dedicate the best part of your mind, body and soul looking after your beautiful baby; take a little time to rejuvinate - you've earned it! The treatments take place in the comfort of your home so you'll have everything you need to entertain the babies while you each take a turn to receive some moments of calm and deep relaxation.    

  • Treatments are 20 minutes and cost £15 per treatment (payments can be made by cash or card). Minimum booking of 4 treatments.


  • Held in the comfort of your own home.​

  • I will bring all necessary equipment for the treatment to make the environment as relaxing as possible. If you have the space I would recommend the treatments take place in a separate room from the rest of the party.

Contact me to book your party or get more information; it's also possible to have longer treatment times, just let me know what would work best for you.

parent pamper parties

(bring your baby)

Mother and Baby

happy baby

happy parent

Currently unavailable for bookings

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